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We have some GREAT News for the New Year!!!!

 Due to recent personnel changes within Veteran's Best Friend, we are unable to keep the programs' training facility open and the program running to the extent that it has been; we felt the only option was to close the program completely!

 However, we have been working hard to figure out how we can continue to help Military Veterans in need of Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) training.  The solution we have come up with is in the form of Veteran's Best Friend operating as a funding source for Military Veteran clients that receive their training through K9 Coaches: Training & Behavior Services.

 Military Veterans will be able to receive PSD training through K9 Coaches, and when financial assistance is needed, they can seek sponsorships (in their name) to cover the costs...or if VBF has funds, we will be able to offer scholarships to Military Veteran PSD clients to help offset some of the expenses.  The length and amount of scholarships will be dependent on the funds available.

 You will be able to make donations via credit card online, or by check: 

Veteran's Best Friend
P.O. Box 30159
Middleburg Heights, OH 44130

Veteran's Best Friend is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations are tax-deductible.


More information on the Veterans program visit; under Services there is a link for Military Veteran Clients


K9Coaches:   Military Veterans Psychiatric Service Dog Training Program

If you are a Military Veteran with a written diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you may be able to reduce your personal expense for the Psychiatric Service Dog Training package, and even the Basic Obedience & Advance Obedience training packages.

Through our non-profit division (Veteran's Best Friend) family, friends, military-related organizations, corporations...  can make donations in your name; all funds will then be applied to your account for coverage of the training package.  Funds must be "in full" before training lessons will begin.

If businesses, individuals or organizations would like to make "in general" donations to the Veteran's Best Friend funding program, extra funds will be applied to Veteran client accounts as scholarships to reduce the total of the Psychiatric Service Dog Training package.  Veteran's Best Friend will accept general donations enabling scholarships to qualifying Military Veterans extent of scholarships offered will be subject to availability of funds.